LOST GIRLS & LOVE HOTELS​ index Haunted by her past, an American English teacher begins a tumultuous affair with a yakuza gangster in Tokyo. Director: William Olsson | Written by: Catherine Hanrahan *draft index all narratives


Hunting Elephants index Three elderly men and a 12-year-old grandson decide to rob a bank in Jerusalem after the bank refuses to pay compensation for the boy’s deceased father. Fed up being bullied, the boy and the men will not take any more nonsense. Directorz | Written by: Reshef Levi *draft index all narratives


ABSENTIA index Six years after going missing and being declared dead, FBI agent Emily Byrne is found alive in a cabin in the woods. With no memory of her past, she sets out to reclaim her life and identity. Creators : Matt Cirulnick Networks: Amazon Prime Video, AXN *draft index all narratives


SELF MADE index Self Made tells the story of two women – one Israeli, the other Palestinian- who are trapped within their respective worlds. After a mix-up at a checkpoint, they find themselves living the life of the other on the opposite side of the border. Which rival the surreal military experiences of his son. …

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